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O comprometimento da Lord está além da qualidade dos produtos, soluções inovadoras e respeito aos clientes. A soma de nossas práticas é fundamentada nos pilares social, econômico e ambiental a fim de promover o desenvolvimento sustentável de nosso negócio e nossa comunidade.

The specialists team responsible for the development and strict quality control of the plastic films act with seriousness and responsibility ensuring that the product , after the use and correct disposal, be 100% recyclable.

Our portfolio covers films produced from a percentage of post consume resins , resins deriving from renewable sources (green) ,filmes monomaterial e biodegradáveis.

We have in our structure a recycling plant that changes all the waste generated from our processes, as well as the third-parties waste into raw-material again.
These resins are reused in an efficient and ecological way, so that new plastic products can be produced.

We use the most modern recycling processes that count with cutting-edge equipment, extremely qualified professionals and a strict quality and hygiene control.

Together this way we make from sustainability an essential part of our business, contributing to our customers activities, thereby to the life of our consumers.

Aware of our role of minimizing the impacts generated to the environment, Lord joined the United Nations Objectives of Sustainable Development aligned with the 2030 agenda.

ODS 02 – Zero hunger and sustainable agriculture: Overcome hunger, achieve food security and nutrition improvement and promote sustainable agriculture.

Our barrier films ensure the food against external agents and guarantee their quality and integrity for much longer. While the plain and printed films protect handling and transportation , preventing any damage to the content ,thereby avoid their contamination.

ODS 06 – Drinking water and sanitation. Ensure the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.

Our internal recycling process allows better water efficience in the production of resins. This procedure reduces its respective consume and improves the energy management.

ODS 08 – Decent work and economic growth: Promote the sustainable economic growth , inclusive and sustainable , full and productive employment and decent work for all.

We Increase our productivity through diversification, technological upgrading and innovation. We protect our labor rights and promote safe work environment for all our employees.

ODS 09 – Industry, innovation and infrastructure: Build resilient infrastructures, promote the inclusive and sustainable industrialization and encourage innovation.

Through research and innovation in technologies we produce sustainable films with raw-material eficient management. Our modern equipment allows high performance and clean and environmentally appropriated industrial processes.

ODS12 - Responsible consume and production.

Our internal information practices, awareness and employees training as well as the waste management enable the reduction, reuse and recycling of material which allow us to achieve an even more sustainable management and an efficient use of natural resources.

Lord presents the sustainability mascot: Ekoa.


You must have already noticed that every time we talk about sustainability, recycling or environment, a beautiful bird follows our communication. Isn't it? By the way, do you know our bird history ?

Actually she is a female bird and her name is Ekoa, from the species plasticus redivivus (recycled plastic), originated from Lord recycling plant. Her name comes from Tupi-Guarani and it means “residence”, but it also makes reference to the noun “ecology” and to the verb “echo”.

Belonging to the recycled plastic family, Ekoa has a mother and guardian instinct. She is our sustainability, change and balance symbol.

Her history starts from the necessity of changing the world and show the benefits of plastic. Her plumage is multicolored, symbolizing the diversity of colors that the plastic can have. Ekoa was born from post-consume and industrial plastic and had her transformation in the Lord recycling area, for this reason, her wings have differentiated shapes, one side is made of recycled polymers and the other, it is the plastic already transformed, thus being able to be part of nature again and show her magnitude, disseminating seeds of knowledge and sustainability.


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