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Non Woven Fabric and Laminated Non Woven Fabric

Used in diapers, sanitary pads and urinary incontinence protector.

Corrosion Inhibitor

Used to protect metal surfaces of electrical components and equipment parts, fighting corrosion during transportation, storage and/or distribution.


Utilizado para diversos tipos de filmes e embalagens que objetivam um produto final mais sustentável e de menor impacto ao meio ambiente.


Used to pack, protect and facilitate the transportation of various products.

Technical Films

Used in the composition of various laminated packages.


Used to facilitate the transportation of various products to the end consumer.

Plain and Printed Films

Plain and Printed Films: Used in the unitization of small and large volumes.

Agricultural films

Line of products that brings the best solutions in agricultural plastic films for the farmer, meeting the most diverse needs of the sector, combining high technology with excellent cost-benefit.


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