Utilizado para diversos tipos de filmes e embalagens que objetivam um produto final mais sustentável e de menor impacto ao meio ambiente.

The commitment to sustainability is what drives Lord, on a daily basis, to align research and development, technology and innovation with its values and mission.
As a result of efforts and responsibility towards the environment and society, Lord launched a line of sustainable plastic films, whose main objective is circularity: Ecofilm.

Lord believes that industry, the main driver of the economy, needs to constantly minimize impacts on the environment and generate a positive influence on a new culture, where everything is reused as raw materials for new cycles.

Changes need to be immediate!

And it invites everyone to embark on this new world of possibilities that generate value, knowledge and countless benefits for a socially fair, economically viable and ecologically correct gift. Sustainable Thinking. Renewable Future.

Thus, the portfolio of sustainable films consists of:


Films produced with PCR resins (post-consumer plastic)

Films produced with biodegradable additive

Filmes monomaterial

Films produced with resins from renewable sources (sugar cane)


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