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Lord is a 100% brazilian company, specialized in the development and production of films and flexible plastic packaging , with almost half century experience meeting the national and international market needs.

Its activities started in the 70´s when its founder, Commander Hermes Elias de Moura, opened a small factory of bags and garbage bags using recycled plastic scrap as raw-material.

That’s when he noticed the importance of reutilization in a world where the word sustainability was barely mentioned. Along with the sustainability comes the opportunity and the beginning of Lord, one of the biggest and most respected companies in the country in the flexible plastic packaging sector.

Even today the sustainability is the most importante pillar of our business with continuous investments: We have a recycling plant that changes all the generated waste of our processes, as well as the third parties waste into raw material again. These resins are used in our portfolio in an effective and ecological way , so that new plastic products can be produced again.

Still about new products , we have an ecosustainable films line coming from PCR resins ( post consume resins ) and biodegradable resins (click here to learn more ) . Among this and other initiatives we make from the circular economy and recycling a reality in our processes , reinforcing our commitment to extent the plastic shelf life saving water, energy, raw-materials and contributing to a cleaner environment and with impacts reduction. An example of this is that we are ISO9001, IS014001 , Anvisa and Inmetro certified.

Lord has a complete and technological industrial park: our equipment has great extrusion and printing capacity.We are the only Latin America company to offer cast nanolayer extrusion in 55 layers and we also offer options up to 18 meters of width in addition to machines that print up to 8 simultaneous colors.

Based on work principles, punctuality and honesty , our commitment with people is continuous. Our employees are essential for the development of our business. Besides trainings and incentives to everybody development we care about each employee well being. Our plants and offices are extremely clean and neat and they were built in the concepts of industry 4.0 , what generates our diferential of high performance teams: We employ almost two thousand employess that form a multidisciplinar team , research and development , focused on the customer needs.

In the company labs specialists ensure the quality of everything that is produced , since the processes optimization till the new products development, with concepts and technologies to change your business.

Lord believes in the importance of plastic , in how much it is essential for several situations of our life and fundamental for our survival. And because of the qualified employees team, commited and constantly evolving, the excellence reflects in all our solutions.

Added to all this is our respect to the nature , friendliness with people, kindness to the customers and the innovative solutions, that this 100% brazilian company seeks to strenghthen its relations, writing this way a great history and leaving a legacy of humility, honesty and commitment.

Lord. Plastic Solutions, Unique Experiences.

An industry of plastic films from the future

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